At the heart of our programs is our expertise in creating bespoke independence solutions across a broad range of industries, including Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality, Retail and Financial Services. Our industry knowledge, broad experience, and large-scale transport solutions are our hallmarks.

Our Programs include:

Driven – a unique stand-alone driver licence solution program that manages all aspects of the driver licence attainment pipeline from supporting individuals to obtain learner’s permits to managing driving lessons and driver licence tests. Industry specific Risk Assessments, weekly status reports and consistent stakeholder liaison are some of the components included in this program.

PowerUp – a distinctive transport and employment focussed program that coordinates all aspects of the driver licence pipeline as per the Driven program, in addition to Employment and Resilience training in a program ideal for participants not requiring state specific mandatory supervised driving hours.

Accelerate – Blending the Driven and PowerUp program components, the Accelerate program is suited to participants requiring high volumes of supervised driving hours and therefore ideal for individuals who require intensive support to attain their driver licence in a program that builds capacity and focus on both transport independence and employment.

We are delighted to be working with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment to deliver programs funded via the federally funded Local Jobs Program across diverse employment regions and to be able to offer Microfinance support via Good Shepherd Australia to ensure the delivery of complete and extraordinary solutions.