Obtaining a driver licence can be an incredibly challenging task requiring a broad knowledge of the driver licencing pipeline. Managing the process for groups who are at different stages of the pipeline is infinitely harder as staggered implementation and timing are critical. It is indeed a constant and multifaceted juggle!

Comprehensively coordinating the process and knowing when each component needs to be scheduled is our specialty. Managing large groups is our specific expertise. Our process encompasses the identification of the first stage for each individual and the implementation and coordination of every subsequent step, including the scheduling of each stage as required. Our teams facilitate the attainment of the various stages with each individual, supporting and consulting to ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey.

Our capability in this unique, niche area has been utilised by major national employers, federal government departments and the Employment Services sector and as a result we uniquely understand the challenges of our clients as well as directly understanding the obstacles faced by individuals.

Our genuine desire is to remove the stress and angst the process often imparts for vulnerable individuals and by obtaining a driver licence, encourage the freedom, social connection and community benefit that transport independence delivers.